Enemyship With Benefits

Compete Like a Narcissist. Run Like a Sociopath. Serve The Psychopath. Images and art made at canva.com

Prosa por Antiácido Corrosivo

Come on, motherfucker!
Compete with the others!
Show them who do We think You are!
Wear our group colours!
Never forget who do you think you are
Live as tomorrow never would come.
Because it will never come anyway.

This is your duty, sir!
Show it to your brothers!
You are our son of the promise
Since you was converted to us!
You had been trained, hadn’t you?
So, know how doing your roles!
Why don’t you doing it?

You’re doing it right!
But it’s never right enough
While you stay with us
You are bounded to us
You owe everything to us
Since you are breathing
You will work here untill you die!

You are doing a great job
You are living a great dream
Why don’t you love it all?
You go everyway we permit you
You purchase your products
You have everything “you” want

In change, we only ask your life.
Your life, your health, your sanity
It seems be not very much for you
Compared with what we provide you
Because you are always coming back
and asking for more and more overtimes
And there’s nothing wrong with this.

Stand out! Live the best of your days!
Stay in front! Live the time of your life!
There’ll be no love, peace or friendship
Just a fantastic enemyship with benefits
Gouging out organs, emotions and reason
You won’t be able to see the life passing
And You‘ll never see the sunlight again.

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